Weak Memory Models as LLVM-to-LLVM Transformations

March 3, 2020

Data races are among the most difficult software bugs to discover. They arise from multiple threads accessing the same memory location, a situation which is often hard to discern from source code alone. Detection of such bugs is further complicated by individual CPUs’ use of relaxed memory models. As a matter of fact, proving absence of data races is a typical task for automated formal verification. In this paper, we present a new approach for verification of multi-threaded C and C++ programs under weakened memory models (using store buffer emulation), using an unmodified model checker that assumes Sequential Consistency. In our workflow, a C or C++ program is translated into LLVM bitcode, which is then automatically extended with store buffer emulation. After this transformation, the extended LLVM bitcode is model-checked against safety and/or liveness properties with our explicit-state model checker DIVINE.

Authors: Vladimír ŠtillPetr Ročkai, and Jiří Barnat

Project: DIVINE4

Published in: Mathematical and Engineering Methods in Computer Science, Revised Selected Papers, Springer International Publishing, 2016, volume 9548 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 144–155.

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