AIDA – A holistic AI-Driven networking and processing framework for Industrial IoT

AIDA aims to enable novel trustworthy data-driven real-time industrial IoT applications by building a holistic AI-driven Networking and Processing framework. Indeed, ongoing efforts in digitalization are leveraging the development of Internet connected smart sensors and the processing capabilities of Cloud and Edge based systems. Such processing requires trustworthy data gathering and machine learning (ML) algorithms in order to, e.g., improve production processes, predict machine failures, etc.. They need to be integrated with networked real-time decision systems in order to react under tight timing constraints.

AIDA explores three critical research areas in different subprojects:

  • SDN Control Plane and Robust Configuration for Time-Sensitive Networks
  • Real-time performance monitoring and optimization of container-based edge services
  • Testing infrastructure for trustworthy data-driven IoT systems


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