Efficient implementation of Picnic

The main goal of this thesis is to survey available implementations of the Picnic digital signature scheme and evaluate their usability on a non-standard platform. Picnic is NIST’s second round candidate for standardization of quantum-resistant cryptography. The resulting version uses the official implementations to run in WebAssembly. We also provide performance benchmarks with focus on timings and briefly compare them to the standard implementation. Benchmarks were primarily conducted in 3 browser: Firefox, Edge, and Chrome. Although all browsers showed a similar performance, the standard implementation running in a native environment is still superior. We present an extensive description of signing and verification for each parameter set, as well as introducing basic building blocks and cryptographic primitives used in the Picnic signature scheme.


Faculty of Informatics

Date of Completion

spring 2020



Marek Sýs


Daiki Ueno


Jiří Rösch