Integrating Apiman gateway with OpenShift

APIs are the building blocks of today’s web applications. However, developing a production ready API often poses a number of challenges such as client management, billing, metric collection, and many others. Commonly the area dealing with these tasks is referred to as API management. In this thesis, we discuss the various aspects of API management in general and introduce an open source API management tool named Apiman. The main focus of this work is the integration of Apiman into the runtime environment of OpenShift — platform as a service solution based on Kubernetes and Docker. This integration includes Docker image for the Apiman’s gateway as well as OpenShift template enabling the gateway and all related components to be deployed into the runtime. Additionally, in later chapters, a further integration in form of service autodiscovery is proposed and prototype application providing this capability is implemented.


Faculty of Informatics

Date of Completion

fall 2018



Marek Grác


Jiří Pechanec


Jakub Čecháček