Integration of MicroProfile LRA with the Axon framework

Computer transactions provide a set of guarantees to help us ensure the reliability of our application. With the rising popularity of microservices architecture patterns, we are facing new challenges. One of them is ensuring transaction guarantees in distributed environments which represent a typical environment for the microservices architecture and where the focus is put on the high-availability and resiliency of services. One way to achieve high-availability of services in such an environment is using the saga pattern for transaction management. The MicroProfile LRA (Long Running Actions) is a proposal API specification of a transaction model, based on the saga pattern, to provide a consistent outcome of transactions without locking resources. In this thesis, we investigate how the MicroProfile LRA specification is suitable for architecture based on the event sourcing and the CQRS principles and propose a proof-of-concept solution on adapting the specification for Axon framework, which works on top of that architecture.


Faculty of Informatics

Date of Completion

fall 2019



Bruno Rossi


Ondřej Chaloupka


Matej Králik