Service activity monitoring for SilverWare

The thesis addresses a topic of microservice monitoring in the SilverWare platform. The Microservice architectural pattern is a very recent concept. Therefore I pay considerable attention to the history and the motivation leading towards the microservices architecture. The theoretical part of the thesis covers the history of the software architecture, the Monolithic architecture pattern, the current state of microservices architecture and its future. The second half of the thesis focuses on an actual implementation of microservice monitoring for the SilverWare microservice platform. The practical part of the thesis covers a topic of monitoring with a few examples of third-party solutions, an actual implementation, testing and a future evolution of created monitoring. All the developed software and the test results are included in the attachments of the thesis.


Faculty of Informatics

Date of Completion

fall 2016



Martin Večeřa


Tomáš Borčin