ManageIQ Expression Editor

ManageIQ is an open-source management platform that delivers insight, control, and automation functionality allowing enterprises to manage hybrid IT environments.

The ManageIQ application collects information about various entities such as Virtual Machines, Hosts, Containers, etc., with numerous attributes and relationships.

ManageIQ is a very complex application, and therefore I would like to focus on a search component. Searching is a very common task in computer science and most applications allow users to do search. Some of them allow for a simple text search, others use more complex search tools. ManageIQ application contains a search facility called Expression Editor, allowing the users to create complex search expressions with properties that the searched items should have. Currently, the search component is a very powerful tool in terms of the functionality, but has timely way to completion, long learning curve to understand, and is not very intuitive.


First part of the work should focus on research regarding usability and web design topics. The paper will look for possible approaches, best practices and guidelines for designing web application. I will analyze current solution, its interactions, capabilities, use cases, and identify its usability problems.


I will look for existing solutions with similar problems used in other products, analyze and compare them to our solution. Based on this research, I will design new solution which should be more usable and intuitive without restricting user capabilities. The paper will cover a solution and processes used during its creation. As a final step, I will implement suitable solution as a reusable component with modern technologies.



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  • Donald A. Norman, The Design of Everyday Things
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