Static Analyser for BeakerLib tests


Create a categorized list of coding mistakes that test authors can make when writing BeakerLib tests. Design, build and test a practical bug-hunting tool based on bug pattern finding, which would allow test authors to find their coding mistakes.


Get familiar with BeakerLib, the shell-level integration test library. Analyse, compile and categorize various BeakerLib-specific coding mistakes that the test authors can make while writing tests. Get familiar with bug pattern finding methods of static analysis of programs. Design a lightweight, practical static analyser able to find BeakerLib-specific coding mistakes, and implement it. The static analyser shall be built on the front-end and internal model of BeakerLib tests developed within the bkrdoc project. The analyser should allow extension by new bug patterns. Build a set of artificial examples: BeakerLib tests containing intentional mistakes. Test the implemented static analyser on these examples.

Leader: Zuzana Baranova



Type: Bachelor Thesis
Date of Defence:
Grade: A