OpenShift Commons Gathering Comes to Tel Aviv

Mar 23, 2020 | Israel, News

We are pleased to announce that the OpenShift Commons Gathering is coming to Israel this summer. OpenShift is Red Hat’s enterprise Kubernetes platform and OpenShift Commons is the community that has grown up around it. OpenShift Commons builds connections and collaboration across OpenShift open source communities, projects and stakeholders. The purpose is to enable the success of customers, users, partners, and contributors as we deepen our knowledge and experiences together.

Commons is a place for companies using OpenShift to accelerate its success and adoption. Its goals go far beyond code contributions. It acts as a resource for sharing best practices by providing a forum for peer-to-peer communication and knowledge transfer. 

OpenShift Commons Gatherings are live opportunities for members to learn from each other’s experience with project design, implementation, deployment, maintenance, and optimization–the whole lifecycle of Kubernetes infrastructure and container applications. You can view recordings of previous events at

While you’re waiting for the OpenShift Commons Gathering to come to Israel, explore what you can learn from the community now at

Become a member and subscribe to the mailing list so that you won’t miss the announcement of details for the Israel Gathering and the invitation to register.

Are you an OpenShift user? Would you be interested in sharing your experience or future plans at the Israel Gathering? Please contact us at by April 30th about speaking at the event.

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