Robust LSM tuning research paper published

Mar 30, 2022 | Greater New England, IBM, News

Congratulations to Andy Hyunh, IBM PhD Fellowship intern and PhD candidate, Boston University; Harshal Chaudhari, PhD candidate, Boston University; Evimaria Terzi, Professor, Computer Science, Boston University; and Manos Athanassoulis, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Boston University, on the acceptance of their paper,Endure: A Robust Tuning Paradigm for LSM Trees Under
Workload Uncertainty
” at VLDB2022.

Andy was awarded an IBM PhD Fellowship Award in 2020. Red Hat Research participated in the candidate reviews and made recommendations on joint project opportunities. Josh Berkus, Kubernetes Community Manager, Red Hat, served as Andy’s Red Hat mentor.

Those interested in the topic should follow the Robust Data Systems Tuning Project, which was awarded a 2021 Red Hat Collaboratory at Boston University Research Incubation Award.

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