DevConf.US 2022 recordings available

Aug 26, 2022 | Boston University, Greater New England, News

Recordings from DevConf.US 2022, August 17-20, 2022 in Boston, MA are now available on the DevConf.US 2022 YouTube playlist. This year’s conference featured talks on topics integral to Red Hat Research projects, including hybrid cloud and cloud computing, edge computing, open research, open source education, big data and data science, open hardware, testing and automation, Operate First, and more. Browse our list of Red Hat Research-related presentations at DevConf.US 2022 here.

DevConf is a free, Red Hat-sponsored technology conference for community projects and professional contributors to Free and Open Source technologies. Students and recent graduates are also encouraged to attend; coaching is even available to people new to attending conferences so they can get the most from the experience.

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