Avocado Project

Avocado is a next generation testing framework inspired by Autotest and modern development tools such as git. An optimized algorithm for very large sets of parameters given in the Combinatorial Independent Testing (CIT) feature is under active development. When finished, this is expected to be a unique feature that has not yet been generally solved in the industry. At the same time, parallelized test execution support in Avocado is being improved, allowing shorter execution times of the very large test matrices computed by the CIT feature. The goal of the Avocado project, as a generic test automation framework, is to provide a solid foundation for software projects to build their testing needs on. With Avocado, common testing problems are solved at the framework level, and developers can spend more of their time writing tests that, by default, will adhere to best practices. Avocado has support for different test types that could be written in different programming languages. One of the common problems that Avocado solves at the framework level (and thus makes it available to all test types) is the ability to pass parameters to tests in a uniform way


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