Building the next generation of programmable networking – powered by Linux

Note: See the Security and safety of Linux systems in a BPF-powered hybrid user space/kernel world project page for another project related to BPF usage in the Linux kernel.

The project seeks to explore areas related to programmable networking, with a particular focus on the eXpress Data Path (XDP) technology in the Linux kernel.

Areas currently being explored include:

  • Adding queue management to XDP
  • Using BPF to efficiently monitor network latency

Project Resources

bpf-examples github repository

Project Reports

Year 2 Report

Year 1 Report


Simon Sundberg (Karlstad University), Anna Brunstrom (Karlstad University),Using BPF to Measure Latency at High Link Speeds,(abstract, poster) accepted poster, ACM Internet Measurement Conference, November 2-4, 2021

17th Swedish National Computer Networking Workshop (SNCNW 2022) (Presented Bringing Packet Queueing to XDP and Passive Monitoring of Network Latency at High Line Rates papers)


Lightweight always-on network latency monitoring with eBPF, September 15, 2022

Bringing Packet Queuing to XDP, Red Hat Research Days, June 30, 2022

Project Poster

Full size: Building the Next Generation of Programmable Networking – Powered by Linux


Research Area(s)

Project Resources