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Red Hat will offer collected teaching materials online

Red Hat Research Quarterly

Red Hat will offer collected teaching materials online

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Matej Hrušovský

Matej Hrušovský has been with Red Hat for more than eight years, six of which have been spent managing the university program in EMEA. Aside from attracting new talent mainly from universities and schools, the core of Matej’s job is to find and put the right people (from Red Hat and academia) in the same room together.

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Red Hatters have been teaching at universities for almost fifteen years. Now, all that amassed expertise will be available on the Red Hat Research website to be used more widely.

The relationship between Red Hatters and these universities has a long history. This is especially true in Brno, where a substantial portion of today’s senior engineers were once students of local institutions. Many of these graduates continued to have good relations with their alma maters even after they started their careers as engineers and eventually chose to teach on the side. Soon, Red Hat began to support these activities, which were the beginnings of today’s incredibly successful, still-growing research program.

Visit to see the teaching materials currently available.

Putting together a semester-long course (in Brno, this means thirteen to fourteen lectures per semester) is a significant time investment. It took years to build these courses. Red Hat instructors have taught Python, Linux administration, Ruby, and Java. Some of the courses became obsolete over time, but others are still current, and new courses have also emerged.

To foster the growth of industry involvement in this area, Red Hat has decided to share many of its teaching materials online. In most cases, the materials have always been public, but now they will be collected in one place and easy to find. This will allow other enthusiasts to teach the same topics in their own corner of the world and, hopefully, encourage more materials to be shared by others.


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